Art as the act of creation

Art as the act of creation.

Art, to me, is the act of problem solving by utilizing the subjective imagination. A book I read described this to me as the process of the merging of two worlds. The two worlds referred to describe first of all your inside world; your imagination, your ideas generated by your feelings, your inspirations and aspirations, your spiritual experience. All the things that make us want to create something with integral value. The second world describes that of our physical experience, our outer manifestations such as the materials we choose to create with or the techniques we are taught. If you think about the act of creating in this manner, it runs parallel to the story of how Adam was created. God took the earth and mixed it together with His Spirit to create a living breathing man. Our acts of creation do not differ much from His processes as we too take things of the material world such as pencils and paint and paper and combine them with what is in our spirit, to in turn manifest a physical representation of our internal movements. Of our spirit. An artwork, to me, then carries a life of its own, as the process thereof imitates what I understand about the way my life works. My art will become anything my spirit can imagine together with what my hands can solve, and I will become anything God can imagine together with what His Spirit will solve. Just as I will collect in order to use exactly what I need to create and bring my illustration to life, my pencils and paint and references spent on creating, so God will provide His creation with what she needs to become who she is meant to be, to return to who she has always been. It is an abundant and ever growing cycle, the act of creation. And we as fellow creators were made in the image and likeness of our Creator, who will utilize everything to help us grow into being, because when we grow, everything grows with us.

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