Crack Yourself Open

Crack yourself open.

That of an egg which you can feed another with lies inside of the shell. Those who have cracks are a lot closer than those who are polished shiny. I see beauty in breaking, I do not even bother to look at those who keep polishing. It is not about having a perfect shell, it’s about allowing yourself to crack open. Crack open so that you can become one with the spirit we all share, so that the egg INSIDE can be added and used and mixed and transformed with the Spirit to become something far greater. Yes, it can be scary to crack your shell, and even scarier to be put into an oven to seal your amendment and transformation of this immaculate mixture. Do not be alarmed though, you will not be harmed in this process of growth. We have been shown that with what we carry in our chests not even fire can reach us. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego had to walk through fire in the name of the King. They went and they came. They were not burned in any way. Their clothes didnt even smell scorched. The fire had burned only the ropes that had bound them. Rejoice when the oven is opened and the pristine content of this beautiful combination is flaunted: Bread. Bread we shall break, bread we shall use to feed the hungry. Bread and its beautiful aroma to fill the house of this life we all wander in. Bread bringing people to the table, bringing people together. This is why we are perfect to Him, with all our cracks. It means we are getting closer to breaking, which is when He can use us. Consider this; if an egg is cracked by an outside force, life ends. However, if cracked by the inside force, life begins. Realize what you carry inside of you, and crack open, regardless of what this process is perceived as from the outside. The chaos of cracking will soon bear the birth of order and new life, as all chaos does.
Be transformed and become one.

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