Holotropic States


Behind the scenes:

Illustrated record sleeve
For this project of contemporary illustration the brief required both design and illustration of a record sleeve, front and back, for a self invented band.

I created the band: ‘The Holotropic States,’ inspired by Nahko Bear & Made in heights, two existing musicians. The music to this fabricated band, in a nutshell, discusses the processes of spiritual awakening and mimics the genre of witch house.

‘Holotropic states( a large group of non-ordinary states of consciousness), whether induced or spontaneous, mobilize intrinsic healing forces within the organism. This composite word literally means ‘orientated towards wholeness’. The content of this is spiritual and mystical, and we may experience invasion of other dimensions. This is NOT psychoses or dileria, it is transpersonal phenomena- feelings of union with God.

Our everyday consciousness is fragmented, we only identify with a small fraction of who we really are. Let your dimension get invaded by another, and cause profound alterations.’

The Holotropic States Record sleeve
300 x 300
Traditional and Digital Illustration

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