Feather Flock Wedding Productions

Behind the scenes:

This brief required the design and illustration of a logo as well as business cards for a wedding production company, called FeatherFlock Productions. Along with this instruction the client requested that the logo emit the theme of a snowflake combined with that of feathers, along with a classic, sophisticated but natural hand drawn feel.


So, I would say; climb into the river that flows from your own navel and wash their false realities,- their consent, off. Drink your own thoughts. Swim your own course. Allow your reflection to be just what it is. Drip with unwavering honesty. Pour diverse experiences all over yourself. Float in your authenticity, your Self. 

You do not have to participate in what they approve. 

Yes, feeling different from them would be to your benefit. Being peculiar to them would imply your arrival. 


Businesscards, Logo

Illustrated design

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