Behind the scenes:

This brief required the illustration and design of a logo for a company that designs and 3D prints aeroponic systems called IMakeAfrica. They aim to make our country a better, more self sustaining home. I was left to conceptualise and execute this project independent of themes, guidelines or restrictions.


Hashtag nothing that happens in your life is because you are doing something right, or doing something wrong. The moving parts of your life are so much more than prizes to be won or debts to paid. These happenings that have brought you to this place, here and now, are divine, esotericly perfect, carefully and rigidly selected. They are all happening FOR you, not to you. Considering this, one should replace “I deserve this” with “I allow this” and let the pressure and judgement of the former roll off of your back. You, as the sum, are exactly as you should be right now, and so are the all parts that have contributed to this “you,” thus far. These parts are not a game to win or lose, they are miracles.



Illustrated Design

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