Behind the scenes:

This brief required the illustration and design of business cards for Mr. Marimba, an informal trader made formal, who creates his own marimbas and teaches young and old how to play them. This design was left completely up to my discern, and I aimed to not only depict the marimbas Mr. marimba masters so well, but also Mr. Marimba himself, his vibe and feel, by use of line and colour.


Allow the rest that the `dark place` offers you. This temporary state of not achieving, failed attempts, miserable confusion and lack of progress is not a waste of time. It is teaching you something, something pivotal that you will need to navigate the `happy place` of fast pace and fluid success, when it arrives again. But more over, it is offering you some time to JUST TAKE A BREATH. So when it is `dark place` season, do not work even harder to counter that shit. Allow it, remind yourself that you are learning and contently lay in the rest.



Business Cards

Illustrated Design

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