Railways Map

Behind the scenes:

This brief required the illustration and design of a complete map of the layout of Railways Cafe, The I Makers Lab and I Make Africa, all situated on the same property, working together and independently. The solution of the project was left in my hands, so I aimed to represent the different parts to be found at Railways by drawing indicative icons that are illustrative of the organisation, as well as the use of classic colours known to Railways.


There is no such thing as a ‘wrong turn’ on the path to yourself. Each turn is warranted to grant you something that will only bring you closer to where you are heading. A hint, a direction, an encouragement to indicate the next turn to be made. It is divinely structured, and even though some happenings and choices made on this journey may present themselves as the polarity of ‘bad,’ the greater scheme of things is, as stated, greater, and in this greater scheme of things, all is as it should be, make ‘all’ good.


Railways Map


Illustrated Design

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