Wedding Invitation

Behind the scenes:

This brief required the design and illustration of a wedding invitation. The couple asked for the representation of an eagle as this has sentimental value to the one partner, as well as the presence of lilies, as this carries meaning to the other partner. The colours used are the colours that will make up the palet of the wedding.


Hashtag if you just let now happen, whatever now is, with full acceptance and participation, you won’t have to think the after now through as much. There will be next to nothing over analysing and over thinking and thought wrestling and trying to understand the after now. Now would’ve completely prepared you for after now, you will sit in absolute awareness and revelation of your after now. And if you make this your cycle, all your now’s and after now’s will be filled with acceptance, followed by understanding, without TRYING to get to such a state. You will BE such a state… You will accept and experience your current now without judgement or attempted control, which will create space for you as the observer to sit in awe of the awareness of the divinity and synchronicity of your previous now, knowing that your after now will offer you the same actualisation, and in turn become your now.


Wedding Invitation

297 x 420


Illustrated design

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