Wise One

Behind the scenes:

This brief required the illustration and design of a character to be used on further health product labeling. The projects asked for the design to be flat, vector, a made up creature was to be created with a soft but serious feel. The organisation is one representative of healing, growth, natural remedy, holistic healing and kindness.


Disillusionment is not easy. Not at all. It entails a war inside of you, yourself vs yourself. The existing king within you will never just give up his reign to the new king trying to become you. No, there will be a war. Your current ruler will summon his warriors; outdated habits and ideas and ways of thinking, to rise in revolt and fight for the kingdom that is you. And the invading ruler will bring his army; authenticity and expansion and healing and progress, to battle and overthrow this establishment that is you.

Allow this… Go to war and when it is done welcome the new king inside of you to take his place on the throne. For you will walk into the war as one version of yourself, ruled by the old king reaching for the past, and you will come out of it as another, in allegiance with the new king beckoning the future.


Wise One

Product Design

Illustrated Design

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