Month: March 2019


Behind the scenes:

This project required the illustrated art and design of a logo for Eqquilibrium, a company who creates and supplies holistic medicine not only for the body, but for the mind and spirit as well. The brief stipulated the required colours and well as subject matter.


Let me ask you, how do you that you are actually seeing a cat, or that a cat is a cat?

It is impossible to know that what we perceive as a cat according to our consciousness is true to what the cat is in its deepest being. It might well be that the cat is is actually in its essence a blob of green stuff spread across your couch.

Your senses have fashioned the cat in such a way that this fact escapes you, that this green blob is masquerading in front of your senses and your consciousness as a fluffy cat.

What we know of the world is only the idea that our consciousness forms of it.

Artwork: Eqquilibrium 150 x 150 Digital Art and Design

The Striped Mare

Behind the scenes:

This brief required the illustration and design of Deon Bakkes And The Stolen Horses’ 2019 album; The Striped Mare. This band is rebellious in the jazz vibe they bring to the stage, and their energy will challenge you and make you dance. Their character, the striped mare, illustrates just such an attitude of being different but being strong.


And when those feelings of not good enough arise again, even when you speak to yourself with sweet sugar words, even when you have learnt and fought for your worth, even when you know you are good enough… consider the idea that this feeling is not what you recognise it to be. Perhaps this time around, and for the times to come, this notion inside of you is the very evidence of your good enoughness. You are merely moving into a new level of your existence; kind of like graduating from highschool and entering college. Shits scary and new and self doubt is merely acknowledging that. Nothing more…if you do not make it anything more. 

You are not not good enough as a beginner in this next level, as you are simultaneously a completer of the previous. A conqueror, with all your conquerorness still inside of you. The lack you feel here is not the point. The point is that you have arrived here. The fact that you have been good enough is what got you here. So; it is a large step forward, you are not going backwards. 

This feeling stands with you; the conqueror and beginner, urging you to (now that you have been SO good enough to even get here) become even better. Because now you can. Your standards have been raised, your circles stand at 0 degrees, your game is going to up. Grant your eyes and mind and heart some time to adjust to this new playing field, and then play hard. Because, as discussed, you know how to be good enough.

Artwork: The Striped Mare, CD Cover, Digital Art and Design