The Work of the Shadow

Behind the scenes:

This component forms part of a series of six artist books, in which I apply the practice of illustration as a tool to attain a deeper understanding of self. The self-created brief asks for the practical execution of research including Jungian Psychology, Transpersonal psychology, theory of self, theory of the nature of the real world, sense-consciousness theory and exploration of the depth dimension/spiritual world.


Getting so close that was able to see the critters crawling in the creeper. So close I could see the details in the parts of myself which are alien, strange and obscure. Quite frankly, dark. It has been the most challenging part of my process. And yet, at that moment, I just exhale. I accept the light touching my face, knowing I also cast a shadow. 

The creeper will grow again, and the gardener will learn through each experience.

The results of shadow work cannot be taught; they must be earned.

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